Potsdam in April 1944

Original Report of 218. (Gold Coast) Squadron

Bombing - POTSDAM
Summary. 24 aircraft were detailed and briefed for operations tonight, 23 attacked the primary, 1 was abortive owing to Rear Gunners intercomm. being unservicable. No cloud but huge pall of smoke. Intersection of lakes identified visually with red T.I.'s just South of it. P.F.F. marking good although some green T.I.'s fell in the South-Western lake, but were cancelled by the Master Bomber, whose instructions were good but faint at times through interference. Smoke and bombing right on Red T.I.'s, 4 fires spreading later into one conflagration with much smoke. Some cookies seen to burst in the town. 4 explosions including a large orange one with black smoke at approximately 22.57 hrs. Attack considered most successful. Moderate to intense heavy flak in barrage form bursting below aircraft. Numerous searchlights. 5 or 6 fighters seen, no combats.

Photo from Lancaster HK 690, 90. Sqn., approximately 22.50 hrs


The temporal operational sequence of the attack of Potsdam  April 14th/15th, 1945

17:45-19:00 hours.  Operations Commence in England

18:39 hours. Start up of Lancaster PB 676 E (master bomber)

18:41 hours. Start up of Lancaster SW 288 A (deputy of the master bomber)

22:01 hours. First aerial combat between Paderborn and Kassel

22:13-22:15 hours. Diversionary attack on Cuxhaven

22:15 hours.  Bomber alarm in Potsdam

22:20-22:33 hours. Halifax NA 112 arrives over Potsdam

22:39 hours. The master bombers arrive over Potsdam - Marking begins approx 23:39 hours

22:40 hours. (approx) Bombing of potsdam begins.

22:45 hours. Master Bomber corrects the bombing which had started to creep back to the west

22:57 hours. Ammunition train exploded in the main station

23:00 hours. Master Bombers leave Potsdam and the raid ends.

23:15-23:21 hours. Diversionary attack by 60 Mosquitos on Berlin

23:16 hours. The last latecomer leaves potsdam

23:31-00:06 hours. Diversionary attack by 10 Mosquitos on Wismar.

02:00-03:00 hours. Bombers land in England

Thanks for all information about the Potsdam raid to H. W. Mihan
"Die Nacht von Potsdam"