Special thanks to:

Bob Baxter - for his continued help,

Ian Foster, and all my contacts in Bomber Command

Jochen Eickhoff - Vermisstensuchgruppe Lingen

Hans Werner Mihan - "Die Nacht von Potsdam"

Peter Reinhard,
my friend in our german research group - for his vast information concerning the raids against Nordhausen and middle Germany, and more...

Siân - for many information and some videos about RNZAF

Robert Kolatzek - Who built the first frames of my Homepage and give me so much help

Mario Thiem - For his help with html

Nils R. - the digger

Jörg Z. - my friend in Grebs who gave me the initial information about the bomber in Grebs

Roland P. "Pieper" - my friend and computer specialist

Uwe H. - my friend in Grebs who helped me to find new eyewitnesses

all visitors of `Karsten's Bomber Command website´,

all Eye-witnesses, for their information about crashed Bombers - after so many years....

and my family !


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